Carbide Manufacturing

Setting the Standard of Excellence in the Carbide Manufacturing Industry

In the carbide manufacturing industry, control over the entire manufacturing process is essential.  Our carbide division's vertically integrated carbide manufacturing process allows us to begin production with the raw materials in powder form to produce a sintered carbide component that achieves all OEM specifications. This high degree of process control ensures that you will receive greater precision, increased value, and shortest possible turnaround time with each order. 

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

Our vertically integrated manufacturing provides the best long-term value for our customers.   One prime example of this is our carbide preform capabilities.  By preforming the component to “near-net-shape” and / or “to size” in the green state prior to sintering, we can minimize the costs associated with labor-intensive finish grinding operations.  Another example is our ability to control grind stock allowances to further minimize finish grinding time.

Our carbide manufacture process includes:

  • Material Processing (Grade Formulation)
  • Compaction Forming (Hydraulic and Iso-Static Pressing)
  • Preforming/Green Maching (Machining Near-Net-Shape Blank)
  • Vacuum Sintering and Sinter Hip (Material Densification)
  • CNC Grinding, EDM (Achieving Blueprint Tolerance and surface finish)
  • Lapping (Polished and Matte Finishes)

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