Progressive Carbide Stamping Dies

Penn United has set the standard for the design, manufacture, and development of close tolerance progressive carbide stamping dies. We strive for excellence in our attention to detail, and our engineers, designers and toolmakers will ensure that the requirements of your part flat, formed or assembled,  are reflected in our world-class, precision progressive carbide die.

Using carbide trimming and forming inserts, our progressive carbide stamping dies are designed for high volume running, long life, and ease-of-maintenance. Through our stringent quality process, we will provide you with first article inspection reports, PPAPs and capability studies, as requested. Additionally, we can stamp, plate, finish and assemble your parts at our state-of-the-art facility.

Our employee-owned company is deeply committed to providing superb customer satisfaction, we aim to get it right the first time—and we always stand by our products and services. As value-added services, we offer training, Design for Manufacturing (DFM)Die Simulation Services, Prototyping, spare tooling (ACT) and technical assistance with the installation, use, maintenance, and servicing of your progressive stamping die.  We also store our troubleshooting equipment within our Automation Group to determine and correct mechanical problems.


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