Metal Finishing Services

Penn United Technologies’ Plating department understands the importance of quality, perseverance, precision and customer confidentiality. We work hand-in-hand with a wide range of companies and provide various services to finish their products. We are willing to work hard not only to gain your trust—but to keep it. 

Our plating department offers cleaning, coating and plating services to both customer and our in-house metal manufactured products. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality product, on-time delivery, and lower production costs through the use of advanced technology, chemistry, and testing.

We provide the follow services: 


  • Aqueous and solvent based cleaning systems to customer specifications
  • Passivation – Material preparation per ASTM 380 and passivated per ASTM 967
    • Citric
    • Nitric

Plating and Coating

Lab and Testing

  • Adhesion and thickness testing
  • Corrosion testing

Penn United’s finishing services can also be combined with our other in-house capabilities, such as metal stamping, reel-to-reel plating and product assembly to provide you with a complete range of manufacturing solutions.

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