Other Markets–Precision Components

Other Markets – Precision Components

Penn United employee-owned manufacturing facilities have been delivering precision manufacturing solutions to our customers since 1971 and are standing by to meet your most challenging manufacturing applications. Managing your project from prototype to production and at any level in between, we can convert your products into high quality, precision manufactured products. We adhere to strict quality guidelines and we are always ready to serve you. 

Our precision mindset connected with our extensive manufacturing capabilities enables Penn United to service customers in a large array of other industries.  Our varied experience building custom manufacturing solutions has led us to develop customer relationships in diverse markets segments including:

Today, our ISO-certified company has over 550,000 square feet of manufacturing space available for precision metal manufacturing and other secondary processes, such as cleaning, passivation, laser welding, and assembly. As a result, we can provide accuracy and a quick turnaround of your complex designs.

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