Our History—Innovation and Dedication to Excellence 
since 1971

A Tradition of Innovation and Growth

It all started in 1971, when machinists Carl Jones, Robert Becker, and Charles Barton, followed their entrepreneurial spirits and opened a small tool-and-die shop on the Jones family farm near Saxonburg, PA.  Driving their vision was a “why not us” attitude. The seed of that attitude took hold in their imagination and vision. They laid the foundation that would support Penn United Technologies, Inc. throughout the years—a foundation of hard work, perseverance, imagination and integrity.

Story of Success

By any standard, Penn United has been an inspirational success story, expanding from one service (tool-and-die) to many high-tech business units that serve clients worldwide while offering a wide variety of manufacturing solutions.

Over the years, our key milestones have included:

1974: Established an ESOP

1975: Creation of the stamping division

1978: New location in Cabot, PA

1982: Established the electroplating line 

1986: Constructed new building to allow for expansion

1991: Development of the prototyping team

1992: Added carbide preforms to product line 

1994: Built new 37,000 sq. ft. facility for electroplating group

1995: Opened incubator for carbide manufacturing

1996: Constructed new manufacturing building

1998: Established training program

1999: Launched Learning Institute for the Growth of High Technology

2001: Purchased Allied Manufacturing Inc. and acquired Parker Majestic

2001: ISO-9000 certified 

2004: FHC was purchased to expand our presence in the oil and gas market—presently titled Penn United Technologies - Carbide  Division

2006:  Penn United first established a facility in Costa Rica

2008:  Internal Continuous Improvement plan incorporated into daily work goals

2010:  Penn United moves to new facility in Costa Rica 

2011:  Penn United Celebrates 40 Years 

2011: Award Winner - Pittsburgh Business Times Healthiest Employer

2012: Award Winner - Pittsburgh Business Times Healthiest Employer

2013: Award Winner - Pittsburgh Business Times Healthiest Employer

2013: Best and Brightest National Award Winner for Wellness

2013: Pittsburgh Business Times Manufacturer of the Year

2014: Award Winner - The Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America

All About the People

With integrity and innovation, Penn United continues to grow today to meet your needs. We now have over 550 quality-driven employees. Our employees and the investment made in them helped us establish a standard of excellence in our industry. At the heart of it all, our core values are the driving force behind all of our interactions within our teams and with our customers. 

Into Tomorrow—And Beyond

As our customers present us with new challenges, we have always answered with our state-of-the-art capabilities and can-do spirit of innovation. Your needs continue to drive our growth and innovation.

1971 Penn United Officers
2011 Penn United Officers

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