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Penn United is committed to giving customers a competitive edge through efficiency and enhanced productivity. That’s why we developed the PULSE state-of-the-art die protection unit using sensor technology. Our easy-to-set-up system provides complete die protection with a single connection to the die and offers flexibility for numerous dies. Through this innovation, our system eliminates the entangling of multiple sensor cables, resulting in less maintenance time and greater productivity.

Highlights of the PULSE 2000 and PULSE 2001 Die Protection Units

  • Monitors configurable inputs and bottom of stroke sensor
  • Monitors misfeed, double thickness, strip progression, scrap detection and conditional misfeed faults
  • Contains outputs to control pneumatic slides, punches, scrap choppers, oilers, air blowoffs, part ejection and similar functions
  • Automatically stops the press after a desired number of strokes with a batch counter
  • Memory holds die numbers for quick recall of die setups
  • Recognizes all fault conditions via a touch screen

To learn more, download the PULSE 2000 die protection unit brochure.

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