Die Simulation and Stamping Simulation Software 

Penn United Technologies uses the most up-to-date die and stamping simulation software packages available today to analyze multiple variables for your part design.  This analysis, coupled with our design for manufacturing (DFM) experience, enables us to provide you with product design feedback to help successfully launch your new project. 

Our talented tool design engineering team can identify failure and fatigue issues with die components as well as finished parts before any manufacturing processes have been performed. This early analysis leads to:

  • Identification of part design features that create fatigue, micro cracking or wrinkling
  • Improved tool design to address potential tool fatigue issues
  • Accurate tonnage calculations
  • Reduced development cycle of the progressive die and finished part
  • Accurate tooling quotes
  • Identification of part design features that can be adjusted to reduce part cost
  • Better specification of raw material characteristics to produce a better finished part
  • Improved time to market
  • Unique suggestions with press technologies

Die simulation is also valuable in analyzing existing problematic parts and progressive tools.  We can help identify, repair, and validate changes to your existing components or tools to reduce your current problem areas.  In addition, die simulation can be used to evaluate if a machined, cast, powdered metal part, or assembly can be converted to a lower cost stamped component. 

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