High Precision Stamping Dies

Reliability. Durability. Accountability.

Penn United Technologies offers you the expert skills and comprehensive knowledge of high precision metal stamping dies needed to produce the highest quality stamped parts, giving you durability and maintaining the utmost level of accuracy. Whether the task is designing, building, debugging, or maintaining a precision stamping die, we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

We have capacity for low-to-medium and high volume applications, matching the right precision metal stamping die features to your specific needs and tolerances. Our evaluation and commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t end with shipment—maintenance on customer dies is another valued-added service provided by our precision metal stamping die team.

Quality Inspection System

At Penn United, we routinely perform tool capability studies on all our metal stamping dies. We also work closely with you to set standards for each progressive stamping die to assure they are met before shipping.  If you are having trouble with a stamping die on your shop floor we can assist with the use of our high speed camera technology to diagnose the problem.

Vertically Integrated

Penn United offers a unique integrated approach to precision metal manufacturing solutions with multiple services including both carbide and steel precision metal stamping dies available under one company umbrella. The efficiencies yield greater quality control, precision and long-term value. 

Want to learn more? We recently wrote a white paper, “Precision Stamped Components—Factors to consider when designing components,” that discusses factors that can contribute to the ease of manufacturability of precision stamped components, and ultimately help to minimize your final manufactured cost. 

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