Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide comes from a family of metal matrix composites commonly referred to as cemented tungsten carbide. Comprised of the elements tungsten (W) and carbon (C), tungsten carbide is further enhanced through the addition of a metallic binder such as cobalt or nickel. 

Tungsten Carbide Production

Production of tungsten carbide is achieved by mixing the ultra fine powders, compacting to form a shape, green machining to near net shape and then sintering at a temperature above the melting point of the metallic binder. The molten binder surrounds the carbide particles and bonds the matrix together producing an extremely hard and tough composite material. Due to its high hardness and excellent impact resistance, tungsten carbide is commonly used in applications ranging from progressive diestooling components, mechanical seal faces, a multitude of wear components for the Oil & Gas industry. The toughness and hardness properties can be tailored to specific application requirements by adjusting the binder content.

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Carbide Grade Chart

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