Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing

Penn United Technologies offers a range of prototype tooling and precision metal manufacturing solutions, including design for manufacturing and die simulation software. We can help with the design of your new product, work with your design development team, or develop the manufacturing strategy to meet the goals for your new product. Our range of manufacturing capabilities and extensive prototype tooling and production experience can help you efficiently manage material usage while minimizing your manufacturing cost.

Once a design has been completed and approved, we can also assist you with the transformation of your product from prototype into full-scale production, helping you meet your lead time and cost expectations, while reducing your product time-to-market.

Our dedicated prototype area is independent of the main shop, which allows flexible scheduling for our customers. With easy access to the equipment in our facilities, we can offer many manufacturing solutions to support our customers’ prototyping needs.

Prototype Tooling and Stamping

We provide customers a value-added service with prototype stamping options for metal components. This process can reduce your time-to-market in the production process, giving you an edge over your competition.

Single hit tooling, prototype tooling, and low volume tooling

  • Prototype tooling is designed for single hit forming operations
  • Single station prototype tooling inserts are typically run in a Penn United-owned die set
  • Blanks are loaded one at a time into each station
  • Carbide or hardened tool steel trimming and forming inserts
  • Flat or formed parts can be run
  • First article inspection report provided
  • Customer supplied prototype tooling can be ordered

Additive Manufacturing

  • In-house 3-D printing capabilities
  • Maximum print size - 10 x 10 x 8 inch parts
  • .stl model compatible
  • Engineering support provided as needed
  • Material properties available upon request
  • Parts can be used for functional assemblies, fit and function, visual models, various fixtures, and other prototyping needs

Low volume piece parts

  • Low volume pieces can be produced by our Omax Waterjet machine or Precision Work Station Baltec PWS 640—a cost-effective method for the manufacturing of prototype and short run stamped and formed sheet metal stampings. They can also quickly produce parts from customers CAD files.

Quality, Innovation and Service 

Our employee-owned company is 100% committed to customer satisfaction. At Penn United, our goal is to be a strategic partner and solutions provider for your most challenging metal manufacturing projects. 


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