Penn United Technologies, Inc. at a Glance

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  • Corporation founded in 1971
  • Established an ESOP in 1974
  • Strong faith based vision and values
  • Year over year growth and financial stability
  • 580 +  employee owners
  • Over $100 million in annual revenue

Manufacturing Capabilities

High Precision Stamping Dies – expert skills and comprehensive knowledge needed to produce the highest quality stamped parts, giving you durability and maintaining the utmost level of accuracy.

Tungsten Carbide & Silicon Carbide Components – manufacturer of tungsten and silicon carbide components engineered for rigorous applications ranging from erosion and corrosion resistance to high impact strength.

Carbide and Metal Assemblies – joining of tungsten and silicon carbide to a metal component is used to address manufacturing issues regarding fabrication, assembly, and cost.

Tooling – provide precision tooling solutions from low to high volume production, repairs, and assemblies of high precision components.

Automated Equipment – wide range of capabilities that include custom-designed, build-to-print and complex systems for your specific manufacturing application needs. 

Parker Majestic Grinders – precision grinding machines and remanufacturing of precision grinders.

Precision Machining – tight tolerance machining of critical-application components of various materials.

Precision Grinding – high precision grinding for critical-application components of various materials.   

Metal Stamping – complex flat or formed parts, steel laminations, bandolier pins, continuous reel stamping, prototype stamping, and other stamped metal and non-metal products.

Reel-to-Reel Plating – processes include:  electro polishing, electro cleaning, copper, nickel, palladium, palladium/nickel, gold, silver, tin 100%, lead free tin, tin/lead (various alloys).

Prototyping & Additive Manufacturing – services include:  design of your new product, working with your design development team, or develop the manufacturing strategy to meet the goals for your new product.

Metal Finishing Services – processes include:  aqueous and solvent based cleaning, both citric and nitric passivation, plating and coating, and an in-house lab and testing area.

Design for Manufacturing – assist in the product design phase to decrease up front prototype costs, reduce costly changes down the road, and shorten your time to market schedule.

Die Simulation Services – our talented design engineering team can identify failure and fatigue issues with die components as well as finished parts before any manufacturing processes have been performed.

Assembly – improve your supply chain management efficiencies with the skill, dexterity, dedication to process improvement, as well as meeting stringent deadlines with our onsite capabilities.

Manufacturing Training – at our L.I.G.H.T. training center or your facility.

Diversified Market Focus

  • We strategically manage the markets we serve so we maintain diversity across our business units
    • No ONE customer exceeds 10% of revenue
    • No ONE focus market exceeds 30% of revenue
  • Expertise in multiple markets including Oil & Gas, Fluid Handling,  Energy, Defense & Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Electronics & Telecommunications and various other markets.
  • Multiple facilities encompassing over 550,000 sq. ft.
  • State of the art facilities and manufacturing equipment
  • Hybrid best-cost-country sourcing strategy through our Western PA plants and our strategic partnerships.

Pillars of Success

Vertical Integration
From software simulation, design for manufacturing assistance and prototyping to build and full production validation, Penn United offers a large array of vertically integrated services to provide customers a value added solution.  The crossover of our business groups allows Penn United to utilize the best available resources to serve our customers’ needs. 

Provider of Manufacturing Solutions
Penn United’s reputation has been built on providing our customers with the service of offering manufacturing solutions to the most unique applications.  With our history of precision and dedication to hard work we are now applying the latest technology for simulating your precision tools and parts through the manufacturing process.  Our volume of expertise enables Penn United to provide customers in a wide range of industries valuable solutions to their distinct issues. 

Financial Stability
Through productivity improvements, cost containment and sustainable financial controls Penn United is prepared to grow during eventual shifts in the global economy.  Our customers regularly tell us our strong financials and consistent performance is a vital part of why they continue to rely on Penn United as a trusted partner for their most critical projects. 

Committed to Work Force Development and Our Employee Owners
Our employees are not only our most important asset but are committed to the company success through their ownership.  As a result Penn United is devoted to developing the talents, wellness and lives of our employees.  From our training program at LIGHT to our excellent benefits package Penn United recognizes that our employees are the fundamental reason we are able to be in business and service our customers. 

Renowned Quality Systems and Metrology Equipment
Penn United is ISO9001:2008 certified, ITAR registered, GIDEP registered, and FDA registered to meet quality requirements of our customers and we excel at maintaining our customers confidentiality throughout our business processes.  With over 8,000 pieces of calibrated equipment meeting the requirements of ISO 17025, all of our products are inspected to the highest precision with exceptional accuracy. In partnership with our customers, we develop, maintain and continuously improve your products through our Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) which includes but is not limited to Potential Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (PFMEA), Process Flow Diagrams, Product Control Plans, Robust Inspection Procedures & Statistical Process Control (SPC) all through a fully-computerized documentation system customized to the needs of each individual customer and project.


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