Business Units

Penn United Technologies’ consists of many business units that together offer a complete range of precision manufacturing solutions in various markets.  Our growth is due in large part to our ability to continually innovate to meet our customers’ needs. As your needs have grown and evolved over the years, so have we. Today, Penn United is comprised of many high-tech business units—each one an outgrowth of our commitment to providing you with vertically integrated metal manufacturing solutions while maintaining the highest level of quality and integrity

Our Solution-Driven Approach to Precision Metal Manufacturing

At Penn United our customers needing one of our solutions or various applications from our one-stop-shop  come away impressed with our quality of workmanship, efficiency of service, and commitment to customer satisfaction. As a result, customers often return to Penn United, whether they are utilizing the manufacturing solutions of just one business unit, or the combined capabilities and efficiencies of our business through various aspects of their supply chain.

Learn more about our business units:

  • Penn United Technologies
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  • Penn United Technologies - Carbide Division

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  • Parker Majestic
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  • Penn United Technologies - American Carbide Tooling (ACT) Division

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  • Quala-Die - Powdered Compaction Tooling

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  • Learning Institute for the Growth of High Technology
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