Instructor Bios

Scott CovertScott Covert—Full Time Instructor/Journeyman Precision Grinder

Scott Covert joined Penn United Technologies in 1990 as a Journeyman Precision Tool Grinder.  Although his expertise is in Surface and Contour Grinding, he has had prior experience in Heat Treating, Hardness Testing, and Electro-Plating.   In 2005, he was chosen for a leadership position and promoted to Team Leader for our Precision Assembly department, which serves medical and electronic component assembly.  In his Team Leader position, Scott was responsible for development and improvement of assembly processes and procedures utilizing Lean Manufacturing, scheduling employees work hours, scheduling production & shipping of product & inventory, and training of team members in shop procedures & measurement/inspection equipment. 

Scott brings to the classroom 25 years experience in surface grinding, centerbed, and contour grinding but most importantly he brings his enthusiasm for metalworking. He has continued to show a love of learning and teaching others about this industry by serving as a part-time Instructor at L.I.G.H.T. and a tour guide of our Penn United facilities for high school students interested in manufacturing.  Scott has furthered his education outside of work as well by earning his diploma in CNC Programming as well as earning his Associates Degree in Computer Aided Machining Technology from Butler County Community College. He has also completed the Machine Tool Technology Certificate program, and the  CNC Programming Technology Certificate program. Both at BC3.  Scott is also a Certified Instructor for the Manufacturing Skill Standard's Certified Production Technician (CPT) program and a Certified fork lift trainer.

Carl Thompson

Kristi Wilson—Instructor/Journeyman Machinist

Kristi Wilson joined the Penn United team in the fall of 2008. She progressed through the Machinist Apprentice program and earned her Journeyman status in June 2013. She earned an Associate Degree in Business Management from BC3.  During high school she attended Butler Vo-Tech and participated in the Automotive Technology program.  She also obtained her real estate license in February 2012. Her desire to learn makes her a great addition to the instructor team at L.I.G.H.T.  She brings to the classroom over 5 years of experience in machining and producing quality products.

Kristi is a member of the Chicora VFD and enjoys taking photos for the fire department as well as for her personal enjoyment. She enjoys watching HGTV and putting her knowledge to use by doing projects around the house.

Carl ThompsonCarl Thompson—Instructor/Journeyman Tool and Die Maker

Carl Thompson joined the Penn United team in 1993 as an experienced Journeyman Tool & Die Maker.  He has been honing his skills since his career began when Carl worked for General Electric, and then Arizona Gear & Manufacturing.  His previous responsibilities included building progressive stamping dies, plastic injection molds, jigs & fixtures for defense and computer components, for IBM, Hughes Aircrafter, Boeing, and Sperry Flight.  Carl’s total experience of 40 years includes knowledge in manual milling and lathe, including 7 years on the SIPS, as well as manual surface grinding, OD/ID, jig, and centerbed grinding. In his current position, Carl builds precision CNC grinders (Parker Majestic) and has also worked in jig grinding, prototype and automation areas for Penn United. 

These various duties highlight Carl’s exceptional skills across a variety of machines and tools including lathes, jig bore, surface grinding, OD/ID grinding, thread grinding, wet grinding, jig grinding, cutter grinding, and heat treat.  Because of his wealth of experience and desire, Carl was the obvious choice to serve as one of our very first instructors and helped to establish Penn United’s in-house apprenticeship training program.   Carl’s humility and kindness make him a student favorite as he makes it easy to ask questions and very hard to “stump.”

Steve BerteoitiSteve Berteotti—Instructor/Safety, Health and Environmental Engineer

Steve Berteotti came to Penn United Technologies in 2005 as part of the Human Resources Team.  He earned his Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from Penn State University in 1979.  Prior to Penn United, Steve had 9 years of experience in Safety, Health and Environmental management plus 11 years in Quality management in the petroleum and pharmaceutical industry.  During that time, he was a member of Pennzoil Corporate EHS audit team, implemented Process Safety Management (PSM) for a petroleum manufacturing facility, implemented ISO 9001 for a petroleum / bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing company, and was an active member of the ASTM Wax Committee.  

Steve has earned his Industrial Hygiene Certification; Lead Auditor ISO 9001 Certification; Auditor ISO 9001 and TS 16949 Certification; Lean / Six Sigma Green Belt Certification; and Instructor certification for OSHA 30-hour General Industry.

In his current position as Safety, Health and Environmental Engineer with Penn United, Steve is responsible for investigating serious injuries or near misses; evaluating and providing remedies for unsafe acts or conditions; developing procedures and processes to mitigate hazards; providing training to ensure safe work practices and OSHA compliance; leading company Lean events; and maintaining environmental compliance including DEP permits, inspections, and record keeping.

Dan Casey

Dan Casey—Instructor/Journeyman Tool & Die Maker/Team Leader

Dan joined the Penn United Technologies team in 1995.  He entered the apprenticeship and earned his Journeyman Tool and Die Maker papers in 2000.  Dan’s area of tooling expertise lies in jig grinding; having over 13 years experience in manual jig grinding and over 10 years in CNC jig grinding.  Specifically, he is proficient with the MooreG18 and Moore #3 Manual Jig Grinders; Moore G48 NC Jig Grinder; and the Moore CP-450 NC Jig Grinder. As Team Leader, Dan is responsible for scheduling and coordinating all aspects of the jig grinding team including work flow, personnel, training apprentices and cross training in-house journeymen.    Dan has also earned his Associates degree in Business Administration.

Greg Claypoole

Greg Claypoole—Instructor/Journeyman Tool Maker

Greg joined the Penn United Technologies team in 1993.  He entered the apprenticeship program and earned his Journeyman papers both in Precision Grinding and Tool & Die Making.  Greg brings to the training over 16 years experience in surface grinding, polishing, and die maintenance.   Greg is also certified in First Aid, CPR and AED.

Eric Dittmer

Eric Dittmer—Instructor/Machine Design Engineer/Journeyman Precision Grinder

Eric began his career with Penn United in 1994 programming for WireCut, CNC mills, grinders, jig grinders, and contour grinders. He was moved into the Apprenticeship program and earned his Journeyman papers in Precision Grinding in 1998.  Eric was promoted to a Project Coordinator position in our components division and then later promoted again to Machine Design Engineer.  He brings to the classroom 15 years total experience specifically on the CNC vertical mill, CNC horizontal mill, CNC mill 4+ axis and over 9 years CNC programming. He has also earned his Associates Degree in Mechanical Drafting.

Kevin Green

Kevin Green—Instructor/Area Coordinator/Journeyman Precision Grinder

Kevin Green joined the Penn United team in 1998. He advanced through his apprenticeship program, earning his Journeyman papers in 2002. Kevin then was promoted to a Project Coordinator, then later to the Area Coordinator position. 

He brings to the training center his acquired skills in blanchard manual grinding, over 10 years CNC OD/ID grinding, as well as over 15 years experience in programming.  Kevin’s specialty training focus is grinding Carbide.

Rob Huffman

Rob Huffman—Instructor/Journeyman Quality Technician

Rob Huffman joined the Penn United Technologies’ Quality team in 2004.  Rob provides measurement training using Smart Scopes, and CMM’s including the UMC 850 Zeiss, Spectrum Zeiss CMM, Prismo Zeiss CMM, Prismo Navagator Zeiss CMM, and the Rondcom Zeiss.  He also brings experience in other measurement instruments, hand tools, calibration, heat-treating of tool grade steels and polishing. 

Rob has a BA in Political Science, BS ED in Secondary Education, and Masters in Public Administration in Borough Management.

D. Patrick Jones

D. Patrick Jones—Instructor/Journeyman Tool & Die Designer/Team Leader

Pat began his career with Penn United Technologies in 1987.  In addition to his Journeyman Tool & Die Designer papers, he has earned his Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering at Grove City College and a Masters in Business Administration.   Pat has over 19 years experience in die design for the tool and die industry and currently serves in a leadership position as the Team Leader for Penn United’s Die Engineering team.  His care and attention to detail is not only evident in engineering, but also extends to the customers and students he serves.

Kevin Kline

Kevin Kline—Instructor/Senior Journeyman Quality Technician

Kevin started with Penn United Technologies in 2004 and progressed through the Quality apprenticeship program.  Having earned his Journeyman papers in Quality, he was later promoted to Senior Journeyman Quality Technician.  Kevin brings to the classroom over 9 years’ experience and skill in Applications Development for automated inspection for CMM and Multi-Sensor measurement Machines, data collection and analysis, inspection fixture design and qualification, and applied GD&T knowledge.

Pat Magdinec

Patrick Magdinec—Instructor/Journeyman Machinist/Team Leader

Patrick joined Penn United 1995 as a Journeyman Machinist bringing 14 years prior experience in manual machining including mill, lathe, and saw work.  At Penn United, he has since specialized in Wirecut, adding an additional 14 years expertise in wirecut and programming.   Pat currently serves in a leadership position as Team Leader for Penn United’s Wirecut Team.  He has also earned his Associates degree in Applied Science.

Jim O'Donnell

James O’Donnell—Instructor/Journeyman Tool Maker/Team Leader

Jim O’Donnell joined Penn United Technologies in 1980, earning his Journeyman Toolmaker and Tool & Die Designer papers.   Jim brings a wealth of production manufacturing experience to the learning center with his 20 years experience in Stamping/Press Operation Technology.  In addition to his progressive die stamping experience, he possess a thorough knowledge of manual surface grinding and wet grinding skills.  In his leadership position of Team Leader in Penn United’s Stamping division, Jim is responsible for workflow, scheduling, and training of new employees.  Jim also is a committed member of the company’s Safety Committee.

Doug Orr

R. Douglas Orr—Instructor/Journeyman Tool & Die Maker/Team Leader

“Doug” Orr  joined Penn United Technologies in 1996 as an experienced Tool & Die Maker, having worked 14 years as a Machinist before coming to Penn United.   In his 30 years combined experience, Doug brings the following manual machining expertise to the classroom: lathe, mill, saws, DeVlieg, Sip, benchwork, drill press, blanchard sandwheels, and waterjet.   Doug currently works as a Team Leader in Penn United’s toolroom where he is responsible for workflow, training team members, and operating machines.

Jeff Wetzel

Jeff Wetzel—Instructor/Journeyman Tool & Die Maker

Jeff began his career with Penn United in 1980, entering the apprenticeship program and earning his Journeyman papers in Tool & Die Making in 1984.  He brings to the training 30 years of experience grinding carbide components. For the past several years, Jeff has been working in our Parker Majestic division, working with CNC surface grinders and CNC ID/OD grinders that we sell to customers.  Because he knows these machines so thoroughly, he knows the machines capabilities and is able to provide outstanding training on how to get the most from them.  Jeff has a passion for teaching and is often involved with meeting students when they tour the facility to learn more about advanced technology used in manufacturing.

Jason Turner - LIGHT Instructor

Jason Turner—Instructor /Journeyman Tool & Die Maker

Jason joined Penn United Technologies in December of 1997, and earned his Journeyman Toolmaker and Tool and Design papers. He has worked extensively in Die Engineering, Carbide Finish Grinding, and Surface Grinding departments. Jason has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and Secondary Education from Grove City College. He has also served 8 years in the Pennsylvania National Guard as an armor crewman. His experience brings a wealth of knowledge into the classroom and to the shop floor. Jason has a passion for teaching, and strives to ensure his students have the skills to be successful in the workplace. When he is not teaching or at his current position, Polisher, Jason enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters.

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