Penn United Technologies - Carbide Division

Tungsten Carbide and Silicon Carbide Components

Our Carbide Division is the premiere manufacturer of tungsten carbide and silicon carbide components engineered for today’s most rigorous applications. These applications range from erosion and corrosion resistance in the oil and gas industry to high impact strength and hardness in the tool and die marketplace. Our vertically integrated manufacturing process allows us to begin production with the raw materials in powder form to produce a sintered carbide component that achieves all OEM specifications.

Our Capabilities and Services

Our Carbide Division offers a wide selection of application-specific materials including tungsten carbide and silicon carbide. We specialize in finish ground carbide components such as seal rings, valve trim, bearings, as well as other critical components required for any of your highly engineered products. Penn United Technologies' Carbide Division also offers turnkey carbide and metal assemblies

Our vertically integrated manufacturing process includes:

  • Material Processing (grade formulation)
  • Compaction Forming (hydraulic and iso-static pressing)
  • Preforming/Green Machining (machining near-net-shape blank)
  • Vacuum Sintering and Sinter Hip (material densification)
  • CNC grinding, EDM (achieving blueprint tolerance)
  • Lapping (polish and matte finishes)
  • CNC lathes and mills (precision metal machining)

The Penn United Difference

Our technical expertise is unsurpassed in the industry.  We have years of experience developing and processing grades of material.  Our talented and dedicated manufacturing teams will work closely with you to ensure your specific manufacturing objectives are obtained.  By understanding your application, we can assist in value-engineering your component based on best practices and least-cost manufacturing methods.

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